What is CentralPoint?

Designed by technicians for technicians

Powerful: Feel more confident in the health of your backups
Efficient: Spend less time managing your backups
Automated: Monitor events that prevent recoveries and virtualizations automatically
Qualified: Use a ConnectWise certified backup solution
Valuable: View screenshots of your nightly virtualizations and monitor source data and hardware
Integrated: Integrate with a handful of MSP platforms and technologies

Understand. Control. Develop.

Strengthen your MSP with a multi-vendor portal.


Understand where you and your staff are.

Depend on a backup solution that shows you and your team the bigger picture. Receive real-time stats, in-depth reporting, and automatic notifications.

Control where you take your business

Use this bigger picture to go where you want to go. Schedule resources more efficiently, tweak trends to your advantage, and respond to clients quicker than ever before.

Develop into what you want to be.

Save money. Save time. Save resources. Take all your savings and use it to develop and grow your MSP into something bigger, stronger, and more successful.

We integrate with most major companies.

It’s time to simplify things.