Internet Security

Internet security has become a priority in today's world due to the rapid increase and complexity of emerging security threats. More companies are realizing daily the importance of wireless network security and using the tools needed to improve network protection. This is great news, as more businesses are applying effective measures to protect their networks, such as the incorporation of various enterprise mobile security (EMS) systems. Yet an over-reliance on all-in-one or proprietary security suites has left some companies vulnerable despite their best efforts.

Overconfidence in EMS

There are many EMS products available for a business to use in order to enhance their wireless security network. Unfortunately, internet security experts are beginning to see a trend surrounding the use of these products, as many businesses assume they are completely protected and no longer need to worry about network protection. Considering all other aspects of IT and network security, this assumption is both wrong and potentially dangerous.

There Is No One Solution for Internet Security

Before becoming reliant on any EMS, a business must understand the basic fact that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for wireless network security. Every EMS is different, as is every company and how it uses their wireless network. Therefore, it is foolish for a business to assume that one security suite can handle every risk that may affect them every day.

Internet security experts have found that many businesses are still vulnerable due to poor device-level security enforcement, jailbreaks, and even custom app production and use. In all of these situations, experts have been able to get around EMS suites, proving that malware can indeed put a network at risk. Additionally, total reliance on a single EMS opens a business up to whatever shortcomings that specific security suite may have.

Security Means Multiple Types of Protection

Although EMS suites are designed to provide the best protection possible in the majority of cases, no company should rely solely upon this type of network protection. Not even the best products available can protect against every threat an individual company may encounter. The most responsible solution for effective wireless network security is to combine products to reduce network vulnerabilities that could provide an open door for malware or other means of data theft.

Products must handle things like device policy enforcement and prevent access through development applications and jailbreaking methods. Internet security must also be constantly tested , monitored, and upgraded to ensure it continues to provide necessary network protection.

What this means for a business seeking the best wireless network security is that it is never safe to assume total protection, especially not with a single EMS suite. Internet security is becoming more complicated by the day, so it is essential to keep up with these threats and ensure that any network protection measures are able to keep up with the advancing technology behind these threats.

Businesses should consider working with an MSP that is experienced in creating the most effective, individual internet security solutions that offer comprehensive, multi-layered protection!

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