Threat Management

Threat management has come a long way in recent years due to the increase in major IT security threats and the need for more sophisticated protection measures. Although firewalls and virus protection are still standard parts of any network security plan, protecting complex networks is much easier to do with a plan that implements multiple security measures at one time. Today, the best threat management services include unified threat management systems, which provide a multi-faceted approach to threat management.

What Is Unified Threat Management?

Unified threat management, or UTM, is a network and IT security system that incorporates many separate security methods into one main hardware appliance. Threat management when used in this manner is easier for network administrators to manage and much more thorough, since all important security elements are included. These types of threat management services far surpass the standard firewall and security software by integrating the best security technologies into one appliance, or even virtually, in order to protect cloud networks.

UTM - All Inclusive Threat Management

Threat management services that utilize unified threat management include many of the same security features that have been used separately in the past but are now provided in one main piece of hardware. Besides the standard security elements, UTM systems also provide a number of other, more advanced features. These typically include:  a next generation firewall with all its included features; anti-virus and malware protection to scan for malicious software; and intrusion prevention to examine incoming data and detect threats.  

UTM systems also offer virtual private networking (VPN) to provide secure access to the network and web filtering that restricts access to unsafe and inappropriate websites. Some systems may also include identity and application control, bandwidth management features, and data loss prevention features. With unified threat management, what would have once required multiple programs and applications is now controlled using one main appliance.

Simplifying Threat Management with UTM

The main benefits to be obtained when using UTM threat management services, whether on-site or virtually, are more efficiency and better security. Network administrators may be able to provide some of these separate security services; however, managing all of them can be time-consuming and leave too much room for vulnerabilities caused by an oversight or other possible mistakes. With UTM, everything is all-inclusive, making threat management easier and more convenient than it has ever been. The reduction in time spent managing security issues, along with the more advanced threat management technology, provides an efficient and reliable option for the best network security.

While unified threat management systems may seem costly at first, they are actually a very cost-effective answer for providing the most advanced network security solutions. Although the more extensive features may only be required for larger organizations, even smaller companies can benefit from the general features that unified threat management provides.

Network security and threat management has never been more important for protecting business IT. With advanced unified threat management systems, a company can achieve the highest level of security in the most efficient way. When considering threat management services, UTM offers companies the best of other individual security products, contained in one powerful device!

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