Wireless Network Security

Wireless network security is a prime concern for all businesses. Since new threats are created every day, a business must have the most advanced wireless network protection to prevent security breaches and keep business data safe. Yet not all businesses require the same wireless network security solutions. Based on risk level, who is using the wireless network, and what the wireless network needs to do, a business can protect itself in the very effective ways.

Who Are the Users?

The first requirement in creating a secure wireless network is knowing who will be using the network. In most cases, this use is limited to employees; however; this is not always the case. Some businesses may want to provide access to specific guests, as well as their employees. Businesses may need to provide increased access to management, with just general access to employees. Other businesses may even want to offer public WiFi.

By understanding the various types of users who will be accessing their wireless network, a company can plan access control accordingly. Different levels of wireless network security access allows for the most efficient use of the network, with the greatest amount of wireless network protection.  

What Are You Protecting?

Wireless network security solutions will also differ based on what data is being guarded and what type of protection is necessary. Secure networks prevent everything from bandwidth theft to the theft of critical business data and financial information. Strong router encryption, firewalls, and malware protection are essential basics that may be enough for businesses that do not store sensitive data.

Yet as soon as a company begins to store financial or other sensitive information, utilize cloud-based services, or even use VoIP services, wireless network security needs increase. Companies must use additional network encryption and authentication protocols, permitting access to only trusted sites and applications. These sites must also provide adequate encryption to reduce the chance of wireless network breaches.

How Must Protected Wireless Networks Function?

The next important factor when considering wireless network security solutions is how a protected wireless network needs to function. This is related to who will be using wireless networking but more in-depth. Based on what different user groups need to do with the network, companies must also ensure that these users have necessary access. This might mean file sharing between employees, access to specific parts of the network for management, and even mobile access to the network on various devices.

Considering the many ways that a wide variety of users may need to access the network, a company must consider wireless network security solutions that are designed based on the individual user, not individual devices.

The important thing for a business to understand is the fact that having the best wireless network protection means more than simply changing the password on the router. Effective wireless network solutions are designed according to who will be using the network, how they will be using it, and the level of security that is required for all of these different users. There is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to wireless network security.

When taking into consideration the continual threats that many businesses face and the increasing efforts required to protect against these threats, a company in need of the best wireless network protection often fares better by discussing their needs with experienced IT security services who can design tailored wireless network security solutions just for them!

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